Learning & Development At Finning

Training & development at FinningWe believe that company success is achieved through long term investment in our people, equipment and information systems.

Our commitment to employees is to encourage and value learning, innovation and personal growth. A range of development programmes and initiatives tailored to meet the needs of our business as well as addressing individual’s personal aspirations are available including; on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring, internal and external training and development courses. Many external courses are registered with schemes e.g. the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

Every year we conduct an employee survey to identify how engaged our employees feel with the business. Development plans are built around this feedback, ensuring we offer a sound and progressive platform on which our people can build a solid and rewarding career.

Learning & Development mission statement

It is the Company's policy to actively assist, encourage and promote the development of employees through training.

Finning recognises that the business needs of the organisation require trained, motivated employees who perform well at all times. To this end the Company undertakes the following training objectives:

  • The Company will provide training for all employees to help ensure that they are able to achieve their key objectives.
  • The Company regularly reviews the training needs of its employees and plans the training necessary to meet the future needs of the organisation.

The responsibility lies in three areas:

  • The Finning Training Team to design and deliver appropriate training programmes and activities.
  • Line Managers to provide ongoing coaching, mentoring and support.
  • Individual employees to actively partake in all training activities to meet key performance indicators and to take the opportunity presented for personal development.

The Company encourages its employees to participate in all training activities arranged for their development