Sustainable Development And Procurement

Sustainable development

Finning sustainable developmentThe Caterpillar product includes in the development stages, a requirement to consider and meet sustainable development standards for new products. At its heart is the Reman cycle where engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems consist of about 70% recycled materials, preserving 80% of original energy of production. Engine design also incorporates technology for emission reduction and after treatment where necessary as well as allowing for the potential future use of biofuels for Caterpillar products.

While not specifically part of the environmental benefits, the product design also incorporates safety features that increase the safety, health and welfare of operators while protecting others working in close proximity. Caterpillar is fully committed to the United States Climate Action Partnership and is currently Number 1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (2006).

Finning's statement on sustainable procurement

Sustainable Procurement

Statement on sustainable procurement