Fleet Production And Cost Analysis (FPC)

Fleet Production & Cost Analysis (FPC) is a PC software tool designed to estimate the productivity, cost, and time required for a wide variety of earthmoving or other material handling operation’s moving material from one location to another over one or more courses.

FPC takes in to account the following factors;

  • Site speed limits
  • Haul road condition - Gradients/Rolling resistance/distances
  • Waiting times
  • Machine - Availability/Bucket Fill Factor/Cycle times
  • Site – Material Density
  • Required Volumes
  • Operator Efficiency

From this information the software provides an accurate prediction of current and future production capabilities.

The FPC program and evaluation allows productivity and efficiency improvements to be made without compromise to Health & Safety. Safe travel speeds, braking, payload and operator technique are all assessed to ensure a realistic production rate can be achieved safely. In addition to this, many of the recommendations that we will make as a result of conducting FPC will have positive H&S implications. For example, flatter and better maintained haul roads will result in less wear and a reduced likelihood of accidents. The removal of bottlenecks will reduce the potential for accidents.